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At present, change at every level of our society is needed to address the complex issues, such as the loss of biodiversity, environmental and climate issues, inequalities and overconsumption. These issues require novel, imaginative and alternative ways of thinking and problem-solving, involving inter-disciplinary team efforts. We perceive design and complex system thinking as a key to open a way to future and more sustainable lifestyles that are in harmony with nature.

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In this master thesis gamification and persuasive techology shall be used to facilitate and motivate e-car owners to hand over a charging point to some other e-car owner when it is no longer needed for charging purposes.

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Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) from United Nations refers to the inclusion and quality of education. This implies providing equal access to all levels of education. The main focus has been on inclusion and accessibility through universal design with a focus on disabilities. We wish to explore the role of inclusion in human-computer interaction (HCI) of digital learning environments with equal access and rights to participate in design and use with a broad focus on disabilities, i.e., inclusion throughout the design process, for learners of all ages, in situations of learning and knowledge development. Digital learning environments are tools employed in educational institutions (from schools to higher education) for teaching and learning purposes, but also in workplaces, edutainment, and e-commerce to support non-routine tasks and complex problem solving. More specifically we ask for positions papers representing different viewpoints on inclusion in education through issues, methods and stories obtained from design experiences and/or from empirical studies in use of digital learning environments, hoping to recruit a diverse group of participants, presenting and discussing examples of failures and/or successes of inclusion in education with technology.

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"Broken world thinking ... explores the problematic of technological breakdown, obsolescence, and reuse, and how this might lead us to think differently about a range of issues core to the field of Human Computer Interaction" (Jackson and Kang, 2014)

"Waste = food" (McDonough and Braungart, 2002)

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