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Visualisation of energy data
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Can we make people more aware of energy consumption? In other countries, people are aware of their energy use because energy is expensive or only accessible a few hours per day. How to do this in Norway where relatively cheap energy is available 24/7? In this master project, a team of students will work towards an installation in which energy consumption is visualised – and maybe even heard or felt – in a creative and informative manner.

Logo Sustainability and Design Lab
Publisert 11. nov. 2020 15:06

The Regenerative Technologies research group aims to contribute to redirecting human modes of planetary habitation towards sustainment. We ask: What are technologies that repair, restore, and regenerate rather than harm people and degenerate our planet? Our focus is on digital artefacts and digitalisation processes and the practices that they shape.

Publisert 23. mai 2018 10:19

Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) from United Nations refers to the inclusion and quality of education. This implies providing equal access to all levels of education. The main focus has been on inclusion and accessibility through universal design with a focus on disabilities. We wish to explore the role of inclusion in human-computer interaction (HCI) of digital learning environments with equal access and rights to participate in design and use with a broad focus on disabilities, i.e., inclusion throughout the design process, for learners of all ages, in situations of learning and knowledge development. Digital learning environments are tools employed in educational institutions (from schools to higher education) for teaching and learning purposes, but also in workplaces, edutainment, and e-commerce to support non-routine tasks and complex problem solving. More specifically we ask for positions papers representing different viewpoints on inclusion in education through issues, methods and stories obtained from design experiences and/or from empirical studies in use of digital learning environments, hoping to recruit a diverse group of participants, presenting and discussing examples of failures and/or successes of inclusion in education with technology.

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