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Publisert 17. apr. 2018 15:32
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The Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES) combines a broad spectrum of disciplines (such as population biology, statistical and mathematical modelling, and genomics) to foster the concept of ecology as a driving force of evolution via selective processes, with a corresponding influence of evolutionary changes on ecology.

Publisert 22. sep. 2017 11:09

Some of the species we work with are easiest attained before onset of winter. With summer rapidly coming to an end, Jan and I went to Drøbak this week to sample copepods and threespine sticklebacks.

Publisert 7. sep. 2017 12:55

22nd of August, Katrine, Danny and myself went for a short two-day trip of intensive networking in Sweden.

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Ecotoxicology, plastic in the ocean and poisons.
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Only few studies in the Canadian arctic have studied the transport of marine pollution from seabirds to terrestrial communities in Svalbard, and to our knowledge no studies have been undertaken on Svalbard, although toxicological effect has been found in fish from affected lakes.

South Skua contains high levels of pollutants even if it lives in Antarctica
Publisert 9. feb. 2017 16:05

Previous studies have shown that South Polar Skua is one of the Antarctic species with the highest levels of biomagnified pollutants, which for some substances are just as high as for Arctic species. This is in spite of Antarctic areas being far more remote and untouched by humans than the Arctic.

Copepod for studying life under multiple stressors,
Publisert 9. feb. 2017 16:01

In this project we seek to understand the effect of multiple stressors on life history traits. We use copepods as model organisms.

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Environmental change may influence trophic efficiency. In this project we seek to understand how contaminant accumulation in coastal ecosystem will affect the food web structure.  

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We finally have our blog up and running! Here, you will find news and pictures from our ongoing work and activities. 

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King penguin chick
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Seabirds in Polar Regions are experiencing increasing environmental stress due to climate change and pollution. They also serve as indicator species for changes in the environment. But what do they tell us about how seabird populations are affected by contaminants and climate, and is the situation the same in Antarctica as in the Arctic?

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The PharmaTox Strategic Research Initiative aims to generate novel insight on effects of pharmaceuticals on human neurotoxicity and neurodevelopment.

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