Persons tagged with «Web editor»

Navn Telefon E-post Emneord
Astrup, Christian Boe Senior Adviser +47-22842052 Human Rights, Communication, Research communikation, Foto, Graphic profile, Internal communication, Web editor, Press contact, Public Relations, Conferences
Aune, Cecilie Senior Adviser +47-22844751 Web editor
Badi, Diana Senior Adviser Strategy, Web editor, Communication, Web publishing, Training
Berge, Eli Senior Adviser +47-22852497 Recruitment, Cristin, Research communication, Communication, Web editor
Berge, Erik Adviser +47-22858906 Events, Web editor, Web publishing
Bjørknes, Ida Marie Web editor +47 22 85 86 41 +47 952 12 402 (mob) Communication, Web publishing, Web editor, social media
Bollingmo, Jørgen Executive Officer +47-22841633 Reception, procurements, Web editor, Disputation
Bratland, Else Dagfrid Senior Librarian +47-23074478 +47-97786338 (mob) 97786338 Library, Web publishing, Communication, Web editor
Brynildsen, Åslaug Adviser +47-22845592 Communication, Web editor, Research communication, Press contact, Social media
D`Angelo, Martina Adviser +47 228 45577 Communication, Web editor, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Titan, Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics
Danielsen, Mads Andreas Senior Executive Officer +47-22858711 +47 47904759 Research Communication, Web editor, Press contact, events, Seminars, annual report, Research support, Impact
Engelsen, Thea Cecilie Adviser 91009941 Communication, Web editor
Evensen, Camilla Eidsten Senior Adviser +47-22856070 +47-90203552 (mob) Training, Web publishing, Communication, Web editor
Flinterud, Guro On leave Web editor, Research communication, Press contact, Media survey, Copy editing, Internal communication, Web publishing
Frostestad, Guro Administrative Manager +47-22859457 External funding, Web editor, ePhorte, Research administration, Cristin
Gakkestad, Mari Senior Executive Officer +47-22859468 Open Access, Research administration, Cristin, Research Communication, External funding, Web editor
Giil, Elisabeth Higher Executive Officer +47-22855890 Reception, Student and Academic Administration, ordering system, Web editor
Helleve, Torstein Senior Adviser +47-22856819 Web publishing, Communication, Web editor
Holen, Gyro Anna Administrative manager -on leave of absence until 01.07 2019 +47 98829967 Research support, External funding, Research Communication, Web editor, Norwegian Centre of Excellence
Kanestrøm, Jorunn Adviser +47-22850050 +47-98808769 (mob) Web publishing, Research communikation, Communication, Press Contact, Photo, Media survey, Web editor
Kildal, Charlotte Adviser +47-22858820 +47 99782069 Communication Advisor, Web editor, Press contact, Research coordinator
Kristiansen, Eirin Senior Executive Officer +47-22854230 Study coordinator, Web editor, Seminars, Canvas, Pedagogical development, STV4141-Praksis
Kristoffersen, Thea Lund Adviser +4793092163 (mob) Web editor, Internal communications, Communications
Kriszat, Karenina Head of Communication + 47 41441605 Communication, Science Outreach, Press Officer, Strategy, Web editor, Social media
Larsen, Tove Head Engineer +47-22856588 +47-97510240 (mob) Pharmaceutics, Instrumentation, Web editor
Lindalen, Turi Higher Executive Officer +47-22856388 Web editor, information materials, student inquiries, admission, administrative support to staff and faculty
Lynnebakken, Hilde Information officer + 47 22 85 64 26 + 47 48 20 52 20 (mob) social media, Communication, Research communication, Web editor
Lynnebakken, Terje Adviser +47-22858607 Web publishing, Communication, Web editor
Løken, Petter Senior Adviser +47-22844860 + 47 -95237474 Communication, Web editor
Lørdahl, Anita Pedersen Senior Executive Officer +47-22844069 Library, Web editor, Web publishing, Communication Courses, Loan
Marthinsen, Therese Næss Webeditor and communication manager +47 - 22 85 53 34 +47 - 930 200 31 Press contact, Web editor, Communication, publishing, Web publishing
Melteig, Elina Adviser +47-22844304 Media, Press contact, Web editor, Social media, SMN
Myre, Steinar Hafto Section Manager +47-22850032 +47-92415962 (mob) Communication, Web editor, Web publishing, Internal communication, Press contact, Social media
Norborg, Dina Adviser +47-22857714 Communication, Web publishing, Web editor
Osdal Runde, Yngvil Studies Web Editor 22857723 Communication, Web editor, Web publishing
Rosseland, Silje Marie Kile Senior Adviser +47-22845302 45450053 (mob) Internal communication, Press contact, Web editor, Web publishing, Communication, Organizational Communication, Strategic Communication
Røed, Mina Executive Officer Information, Web publishing, Web editor, Communication
Samuel, Marianne Adviser +47-22857143 +47-98036651 (mob) Library, Web publishing, Web editor
Selnes, Rune Senior engineer +47 22 85 03 02 Local IT support, Social media, Web publishing, Web editor, IT services
Semprini, Elisabeth Kolflaath Adviser +47-22859209 Administrative IT services, Communication, Web publishing, Safety organization, Web editor, Research communication
Skaatan, Marit Adviser +47-99294357 (mob) Communications, Web editor, Internal communications
Skjelbostad, Eivor Vold Higher Executive Officer +47-22854230 Study coordinator, Web editor, Seminars, Canvas, Public defence
Smestad, Trine Adviser +47-22858112 Web publishing, Web editor, Communication
Sollund, Marte Adviser +47-22841603 93432537 (mob) +47 93 43 25 37 Web editor, Project management, Web publishing
Stämpfli, Suzanne-Ann Senior Adviser +47-22858635 Web editor, Web publishing, Communication
Tjoflot, Gunn Kristin Senior Adviser +47-22856662 Communcation, Web editor, Webpublishing, Student and Academic Administration
Todal, Elisabeth Høgset Senior Adviser +47-90081079 (mob) Communication, Web editor, Web publishing, Internal communications
Vigestad, Kyrre Communications adviser +47-22855279 +47-92862492 (mob) Press contact, Communication, Media survey, Content management, Web statistics, Research communication, Web editor, Internal communication
Ådum, Mona Østvang Senior executive officer +47 22 85 97 86 +47 97 72 71 84 (mob) Research support, Web editor, Conferences, Safety representatives
Øverås, Mari Strønstad Senior Executive Officer +47-22841604 International, Web publishing, recognition, Student guidance, Web editor