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BMP – where physics meets medicine, biology and chemistry.

Are you attracted to medicine and physics? If so, this may happen to be your field.

Biophysics and medical physics is a broad field where basic physics is empolyed to understand the nature of biological systems, in particular those issues involving ionizing radiation, magnetic resonance, medical therapy and medical diagnostics.

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From Germany

Start date: 15.09.2017

Section: 1- Mechanics

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The Metalloprotein group combines different biochemical and biophysical methods to study the structure and function of metallo-, radical- and redox proteins.

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Our DNA is organized into spatially distinct compartments that affect important functions in the cell [1]. Thus, cell function depends not only on the linear arrangement of DNA elements but also on their three-dimensional (3D) organization. However, the mechanisms by which sub-nuclear compartments (See Figure.1) are structured and maintained, as well as what determines their composition, size and shape at various phases of the cell cycle remain substantially unknown.



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