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Publisert 10. okt. 2014 12:36

Many countries have set aggressive renewable integration targets. Achieving these targets requires fundamental changes to the management of the electric grid. One of the main challenges of renewable integration is the capability of forecasting the power production from intermittent renewables, in particular wind and solar. The more accurate these predictions become, the more efficiently can dispatchable resources be dispatched and the more efficiently can renewable power generation companies take part in wholesale electricity markets.

Publisert 10. sep. 2013 23:04

RDF is nice in that you can index everything with just 6 indices, but that's still many indices to update, possibly causing low write performance. Can you find ways to fix this?

Publisert 10. sep. 2013 22:29

Good old relational databases haven't been very successful backends for SPARQL engines for various reasons. However,  since they have a huge user base (like, millions and millions of Android devices), they are worth a fresh look.  This thesis is about choosing a database to fix!

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