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Publisert 14. mai 2020 15:19

"The favourite part of my job is the collection, reduction and analysis of observational data. I particularly enjoy the process of “cleaning” and exploring the data to reveal their hidden information."

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Publisert 9. des. 2019 21:18

Davide Decataldo, Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics, UiO

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Publisert 10. nov. 2019 07:44

Thomas Rodriguez Greve, Department of Physics & Astronomy at UCL and  Cosmic  Dawn Centre in Copenhagen 

Image form Hubble Space Telescope of the Sunburst galaxy, gravitationally lensed.
Publisert 8. nov. 2019 11:00

Håkon Dahle (ITA/UiO) and his international team observed straight into the bright and hot heart of a galaxy 11 billion years old in no less than 12 multiple, gravitationally lensed images. The finding casts light onto a crucial era in our universe’s history: the epoch of reionization.