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Publisert 15. aug. 2018 09:21

From the Autumn 2018, Canvas [1] will be introduced as the main DLE at University of Oslo. This implies that more students and teachers will have to use the online platform for teaching and learning purposes. Canvas is only one amongst several digital systems in use (e.g. StudentWeb, Inspera, Delivry, Fronter etc.)

Further, a universal design regulation came into force as of January, 1st, 2018. The regulation says that the existent digital learning environments that are to be used in Higher Education have to be universally designed by January, 1st, 2021, whereas the new solutions had to be universally designed as of January, 1st, 2019. [2], [3].

What are the challenges with using single or multiple digital learning environments, in Higher Education, that are not universally designed?

Publisert 14. aug. 2018 11:36

With the fast development of IT, elderly do not always keep up with the cutting-edge technologies, including the use of smartphones, new apps, wearables, and robots. There are often unmotivated users who are afraid of using the technology, fearing of “doing something wrong”.  But with right support from the technology, we could enhance their interaction with the technology, and eventually motivate them to use it.

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