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Publisert 14. aug. 2018 10:08

Static code analysis is usually performed as part of a Code Review (also known as white-box testing) and refers to the running of static code analysis tools that attempt to highlight possible vulnerabilities within 'static' (i.e. non-running) source code by using techniques such as Taint Analysis and Data Flow Analysis.

Publisert 14. aug. 2018 10:07

Peer code review is systematic examination of computer source code by somebody that has not participated in writing the code. The purpose of peer code review is find mistakes that has been overlooked by the developers and to improve the overall quality (in particular the security) of the code.

Publisert 10. sep. 2013 22:29

Good old relational databases haven't been very successful backends for SPARQL engines for various reasons. However,  since they have a huge user base (like, millions and millions of Android devices), they are worth a fresh look.  This thesis is about choosing a database to fix!

Publisert 19. okt. 2011 00:07

Popular devices such as the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, Opera Reader, and Sony Reader has made ebooks increasingly popular. However, before the huge amount of classic material can be enjoyed on these devices, it must be converted to one (or more) open ebook formats.

The main goal of this master thesis project is to design, build and deploy an on-demand publishing tool for free ebooks that automates this process.