Nettsider med emneord «infrasound»

Publisert 9. sep. 2020 13:23

Microbaroms are ocean-generated acoustic waves with peak frequency at ~0.2 Hz. These are generated continuously in specific ocean regions by the nonlinear interaction between counter-propagating waves, e.g., ocean swells and marine storms. There is a such hot-spot of particular interest close to Greenland and Iceland. These waves radiate into the atmosphere as microbaroms, as well as through the seafloor into the solid earth as microseisms. Microbaroms can be utilized to probe the atmospheric wind structure, in particular for the upper stratosphere layer for which there are few other technologies that sample the wind field. The stratosphere is an elevated layer in the atmosphere starting at around 15 km and reaching up to around 50 km altitude. 

Publisert 6. jan. 2020 14:16