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Publisert 19. nov. 2018 12:08

For the first time UiO:Lifescience granted undergraduate students with a salary to perform a research project during their summer vacation 2018. CINPLA were lucky to grab 4 talented students in various projects from gene-editing by crisper to behavioral analysis. 

Publisert 5. okt. 2018 12:09

How our mind can develop and acquire new knowledge, while at the same time preserve memories across a lifetime has been a longstanding question within neuroscience. The new research, published in The Journal of Neuroscience, shows that aggrecan is an essential for the assembly of perineuronal nets and regulation of brain plasticity.

Publisert 18. jan. 2018 15:04

We're excited to find our paper on perineuronal nets and longterm memories picked by the editors in PNAS to be highlighted in this issue. They have written an excellent recap of our paper.

Publisert 28. des. 2017 15:49

How the brain is able to store memories over long periods of time has been a persistent mystery to neuroscientists. In a new study, researchers from the Centre for Integrative Neuroplasticity (CINPLA) at the University of Oslo show that long-lived extracellular matrix molecules called perineuronal nets are essential for distant memories.

The new research published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows that removal of the nets disrupts distant but not recent memories.

DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1713530115

Publisert 31. juli 2017 10:44

NRK reports on the use of optogenetics is manipulating the brain and visit the Hafting-Fyhn lab to get insight. 

Original article here (Norwegian only).

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