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Publisert 21. aug. 2017 23:55

With the rapid growth in implementations and use of DHIS2 ( we have a need to professionalize and scale up the system and processes for handling new functional/non-functional requirements. The new processes and system must facilitate reception of inputs from users across the globe, track these inputs, assure that inputs are in an adequate format and finally pass them on to the software developers.

Students will be involved in an action-research project with the following cycle: 1) analyzing the existing situation and needs, 2) researching and analyzing potential approaches, 3) designing a process and pilot, 4) implementing the pilot, 5) evaluating the pilot and drawing key lessons, 6) if possible take part in implementing a full-scale processes.

Publisert 23. aug. 2013 08:20

Design, developing and implementing information architectures, involving the technical and institutional linking of multiple systems, is a contemporary challenge facing both research and practice globally.

Would you like to be a part of a group of researchers and students interested in and doing research on architecture?

Would you be interested in studying large-scale, interconnected and complex information systems? Do you want to explore how it is made possible to fit together, scale-up, maintain and rejuvenate such assemblages of information systems (that we term information infrastructures) over time?

Would you be interested to study information architecture in different country contexts?

Then, you can get involved in studying the role of architecture for information infrastructures, and also involved in its design and development. Basically, the architecture of an information infrastructure is the way in which its elements are distributed, managed and interconnected. While architecture can be described in abstract models, their evolutionary dynamics and roles have been researched to a limited extent.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested!