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Publisert 26. mars 2020 15:06

In these unusual and worrying times of the corona pandemic, most of us are staying safe in our own home in solidarity with each other. We in the research group, at least, are lucky to be able to work from home. While we wait for the virus spread to decline, it might be in need to think about something else between news updates. We therefore below shamelessly recommend some radio podcasts involving group members from relatively recent times. OBS! These radio shows are all in Norwegian, unfortunately!  

Trond (from company) and Marthe in our laboratory, performing test extractions together.
Publisert 3. juni 2019 15:11

Today (May 31, 2019), we tested for the first time a finalized commercial device for electromembrane extraction, developed by a Norwegian company. A big day both for us in SamplePrep@UIO and for the company. We plan a comprehensive test of the device, and publish data on design, optimization and performance at the end of year 2019. With a commercial device, research and development in electromembrane extraction can be performed on standardized equipment, and this will be a very important step forward for the technology.