Nettsider med emneord «routing»

Publisert 19. des. 2016 12:17

RINA, the Recursive InterNetwork Architecture by John Day [1], is a novel “back to basics” type approach to networking that is fundamentally different from today's networks. It shows great potential in many aspects of networking, e.g. by simplifying management and providing better security. The recursive nature of RINA calls for radically different approaches to how networking is performed, including congestion control and routing. In OCARINA, we will develop new congestion control and routing/forwarding mechanisms for RINA. Today, in the Internet, congestion control is performed end to end, but by locating the control closer to the entity that is being controlled, RINA should allow us to achieve much better performance. Also, in the Internet, routing is very static; in OCARINA we will research new dynamic ways to perform routing and forwarding. Our new mechanisms will be implemented, tested and evaluated in RINA, and we will see how RINA can be gradually deployed in (over / under / alongside) the Internet.

Publisert 18. sep. 2014 12:39