Persons tagged with «study administration»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Afsar, Mohammad Razwan Senior Executive Officer +47 22854412 Study administration, Research support
Akkoc Drevon, Ayda Akca Higher Executive Officer Study administration, Norwegian for international students, Norwegian Language
Bakke, Camilla Senior Executive Officer +47 22858032 +47 40280273 (mob) Study administration
Barcus-Sævareid, Kristi Lynette Adviser +47 22841221 Study administration
Belovodskiy, Andrey Senior Executive Officer +47 22845818 Research administration, study administration, UV9040C, ToA, UNIT4 ERP, CRISTIN
Boncuk, Esra Adviser +47 22858218 Study Administration
Brachel, Kathrine Kjellmann Senior Executive Officer +47 22858685 Study administration, Norwegian for international students, Norwegian Language
Brekke, Eleonora Senior Executive Officer +47 22850562 Study administration
Dahl, Yngvild Administrative Manager +47 22844138 Study administration
Danielsen, Maria Øderud Senior Executive Officer +47 22854034 Study administration, Student guidance, Russian, Russia, Balkans, Central Europe, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Polish, Czech, East European Studies, Ukraine, Internationalisation, Exchange studies
Eide, Kristin Bjørneboe Adviser +47 22856835 Study administration, Student guidance
Eidstuen, Mari Senior Executive Officer - on leave ph.d.-administrasjon, Peace and Conflict Studies, Student councelling, Study administration, Master commisions
Evjen, Katja Senior Executive Officer Study administration, Research administration, Master team
Gjermshusengen, Øystein Adviser +47 22856575 study administration, exchange program, Pharmacy
Glomnes, Hege Jahr Adviser +47 22858813 Study administration
Greiner, Kirsten Ingeborg Senior Executive Officer, working part time. Student guidance, Study administration
Grønsberg, Cindy Adviser +47 22844474 Study administration
Haider, Ridah Senior Executive Officer +47 22855352 Reception, Study administration
Hansen, Caroline Studies administrator for philosophy 22858038 Study administration, Course Administration
Hasle, Sigurd Adviser +47 22858014 Study Administration, Scheduling, Bachelor program, Admissions
Hjelmevold, Annette Senior Executive Officer +47 22855355 Study administration
Ingulstad, Cecilia Kosanetzky Higher Executive Officer +47 22856081 Study administration
Johnsen, Tor Erik Risvik Senior Executive Officer +47 22854794 Study administration
Klasson, Magne Higher Executive Officer +47 22858625 +47 22858553 (office) Study administration, Examination, History
Klingseid, Sarah Beate Adviser +47 22854382 +47 22854382 (mob) Study administration
Løvland, Paola Senior Executive Officer +47 22844479 Study administration, Higher Education
Reime, Anne Line Higher Executive Officer Study administration, Exam arranging, Purchase
Saba, Morsal Senior Executive Officer +47 22856511 Administration, Admissions, PhD education, Study administration, Student counseling, Exam, Purchasing, Course Scheduling, EpN, FS, TP, Temorary employment contracts, Researcher housing
Schjønberg, Inger-Marie Senior Executive Officer +47 22856673 Study administration
Segal, Miriam Senior Executive Officer +47 22855032 Study administration
Strand, Mette Higher Executive Officer +47 22845607 Study administration
Syed, Rabia Azhar Senior Executive Officer +47 22855126 Study administration
Sørhaug, Marie On leave until May 2023 Study administration
Thorstad, Signe Ingjerd Adviser +47 22844466 Examination, Degrees, Study administration
Utnem, Lisa Administrative Manager +47 22844248 Study administration, Teacher Education Program
Vartun, Marika Administrative Manager +47 22855019 Study administration, Research administration
Wahlen, Ane Røvik Senior Executive Officer +47 22857096 Study administration, Bachelor's programme
Øvregard, Trude Schmidt Senior Executive Officer +47 22857729 Study administration, Master team
Øwre, Linn Kristin Dedekam Higher Executive Officer +47 22855149 Study administration