Persons tagged with «sustainability»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Bakken, Bente Senior Adviser +47 95720507 (mob) Communication, Press Contact, Community Contact, UiO:Energy, Sustainability, Speeches, Chronicles, Strategic Communication Consulting, UiO: Energy
Bakken, Vebjørn Director of UiO:Energy +47-22857072 +47-45458107 (mob) Energy, Sustainability, Solar Energy
Chasanidou, Dimitra Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22841649 +47 96866005 (mob) Innovation, Sustainability, Innovation systems
Edqvist, Pia Kristina Head Engineer +47 90138361 Conservation, Archaeological conservation, Cultural heritage, Material technology, Material analysis, Ethics, Sustainability, Nature/Culture
Flagstad, Ingeborg Olsdatter Busterud PhD candidate Environmental psychology, social psychology, organisational psychology, culture and community psychology, sustainability, green changes, greening organisations
Frantz Schneider, Alice Doctoral Research Fellow +47 45082717 (mob) sustainability, sustainable development, e-waste recycling systems, e-waste management, circular economy, complex adaptive systems, theory of constraints, life cycle thinking
Graesse, Malin Kristine Doctoral Research Fellow Arts and Crafts, Art History, Environmental Humanities, Design og arkitektur, Design History, Animals and Materiality, Nature/Culture, Ecocriticism, Sustainability
Ingstad, Eline Synneva Lorentzen Adjunct Assistant Professor - Digitization and Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship, Impact investments, Sustainability, Social entrepreneurship, Venture philantrophy, Organizations, Innovation
Kvanneid, Aase Jeanette Postdoctoral Fellow +47 91395033 (mob) Climate Change, Sustainability, Ethnography, Anthropology, Environmental Sociology
Luccarelli, Mark Professor +47 22856724 +47 67134154 (mob) English, USA, American politics, Urban studies, Sustainability, Cultural history
Medaas, Christian Peter Doctoral Research Fellow +47 98648652 (mob) Environment, Technology, Material culture, Sustainability
Nielsen, Kirsten Milo Tromborg Doctoral Research Fellow +4560198351 (mob) Neoliberal development, Infrastructures, Energy, Sustainability, Trust, Conflict Studies
Noll, Josef Professor +47-2284 2228 +47-9083 8066 (mob) SDGs, Agenda 2030, Sustainability, Digital Inclusion, ITS, radio, trådløse sensornettverk, wireless networks, mobile applications, informasjonssikkerhet, internet of things, measurable security, embedded systems, WNaS
Schupfer, Hannah Doctoral Research Fellow +4367649775 (mob) Sustainability, Organizations, Collaboration, Entrepreneurship, Green Industries, sustainable transitions
Sjåfjell, Beate Professor +47-95931283 (mob) Company Law, European Law, environmental law, sustainability
Soppe, Birthe Associate Professor +47 22840919 +4362325567 (mob) Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Institutional Theory, Organizations, Sustainability, Green Industries
Van Der Velden, Maja Professor +47 22852816 +47 95470009 (mob) anthropology of technology, circular economy, design justice, ethics, feminist technoscience, gender, intersectionality, sustainability, sustainable digitalisation, systems thinking