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carton of a big radio antenna on a hill in the Atacama desert near the ALMA telescope
Publisert 19. mars 2021 18:30

Towards the Atacama Large Aperture Submillimeter Telescope (AtLAST) project is the design study for a new astronomical sub-millimeter observatory that will open a new space for discovery in the field of Astrophysics, and, on the other hand, will enable scientists to pioneer a new era of "green" astronomical facilities.

Publisert 25. feb. 2020 17:08

Space is quite the distance away for us humans on Earth. So naturally, when you tell someone you study astrophysics, they go “that must be awfully theoretical?”. In some cases yes, but it does not have to be. 

portrait photo of a man
Publisert 10. nov. 2019 07:44

Thomas Rodriguez Greve, Department of Physics & Astronomy at UCL and  Cosmic  Dawn Centre in Copenhagen 

Publisert 23. sep. 2019 11:22
Logo "on the moon again" event
Publisert 11. juli 2019 11:59

Astrophysicists of the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics and the Rosseland Center for Solar Physics invite passers-by to observe the Moon and share the wonder right in Oslo city center, along the harbour promenade.