Instructions before the relocation

"Dimidium facti, qui coepit, habet" Roman poet Horace

Preparation is the key to an efficient moving process. Here you will find proper instructions on how to pack your work area.

Moving out of the building: general guidelines

We will have professional help from the moving company called - Relokator. They provide us with the following useful guideline.

Please read them carefully and do not hesitate to ask questions if any.

Logistics and labeling

  • You will all receive preprinted labels to be used in the moving process. Labels with different colours will be used to indicate if your goods shall be:

  1. delivered to your new workplace (blue label),

  2. shall be thrown away (yellow label). 

Unlabeled goods will be thrown away!

  • If you need more labels, ask the Head of Office (Kristine) or RoCS's Coordinator (Benedikte). They will give you extras. Use also permanent marker to fill out blank labels



Read the attached document "Labelling instructions".

Packing moving boxes

You will all receive four boxes. If you do not need them, place them at the reception. Other colleagues might need more than four. If you need more, ask Kristine or Benedikte.

  • 2 small moving boxes for books and papers (38*28*38 cm)

  • 1 larger moving box (61*32*32 cm)

  • 1 box for additional things

  • Boxes will we provided to you soon
Example of large box
Example of small box

Packing personal IT equipment 

Use an open, large moving box (tops laps folded in) for the following:

  • Mouse and keyboard

  • Docking stations 
  • Phones and desk lamps
  • Speakers
  • All wiring 
  • PC-monitor (Display towards the box wall)       

NB! For those with new 28" Dell monitors they shall have 1-2
boxes separate for them. Students have boxes for their 27" monitors.
They can be found in the "storage" room next to the printer at RoCS. 

Packed separate from the IT-box (IT equipment)

  • PC cabinet 
  • Personal printers and scanners


  • You need to label your office chair

  • Other furniture will be labeled by the project/ admin.
  • Master students won't label their office chairs/ desks.

NB! Take your laptop and cell phone home during the moving week.

Packing of common areas

The head of Office, Kristine, coordinates the packing of common areas. Ask her what you can do to help.

Packing master students' common area (i.e. kitchen) is responsibility of the master students.

Lost and found

Goods that are mislabeled will be placed in a lost and found area.

Important dates:

  • Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics is to relocate in week 44: on Monday October 28th the moving will start. 
  • All goods must be packed and labeled in week 43 (21 Oct. - 25 Oct.) and be ready by Friday October 25th

NOTE: Everybody is responsible for packing their own office space, i.e. books, desk lamp, frames, plants... We strongly rely on your cooperation.

Published Oct. 11, 2019 11:26 AM - Last modified Oct. 22, 2019 11:19 AM