Ada Ortiz-Carbonell

Tags: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Solar Physics, EST, Observations, Swedish Solar Telescope (SST), IRIS, Solar Chromosphere


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  • Bellot Rubio, Luis R.; Kuckein, Christoph; González Manrique, Sergio Javier; Ortiz, Ada & Pastor Yabar, Adur (2020). The Science of EST. Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia. ISBN 978-84-09-20021-4. 88 p.
  • Ortiz, Ada (2019). A Tour of the Sun: The EST Solar Gallery. Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía. ISBN 978-84-09-20020-7. 188 p.

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  • Ortiz, Ada (2019). The Science of EST posts for social media.
  • Ortiz, Ada (2019). Hidden figures: amazing women astronomers and their legacy.
  • Ortiz, Ada (2019). A tour to the Sun: so close, so mysterious.
  • Ortiz, Ada (2019). Solar gallery & Teacher's corner.
  • Ortiz, Ada (2018). The Science of EST.
  • Ortiz, Ada (2018). WG3 Report: Chromospheric dynamics, magnetism and heating.
  • Ortiz, Ada (2018). The science of EST.
  • Ortiz, Ada (2018). Magnetic coupling through flux emergence.
  • Ortiz, Ada (2018). The eye of the giant: Solving the Sun's mysteries with the European Solar Telescope.
  • Ortiz, Ada (2018). Educative and outreach posts about EST for the social media.
  • Ortiz , Ada (2008). Spectropolarimetry with CRISP at the Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope.

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