Alice Schimek

Academic interests

My main field of interest is he evolution of galaxies, especially focusing on the evolution of the properties of their gas component over the course of cosmic time, which I study by working with simulations.

I am part of the AtLAST design study team, and am working to derive theoretical predictions for the 50m single dish (sub)mm telescope, to understand the formation and evolution of galaxies based on the properties of the interstellar, circumgalactic and intergalactic medium through cosmic time.

I am also working on the chemical evolution of massive galaxies, continuing the work I did for my master's thesis.


I studied astronomy at the University of Vienna, specialising in extra-galactic astronomy during my Bachelor degree, where I analysed the spectra of late type galaxies at intermediate redshifts, focusing on their integrated gas-phase metallicities.

I continued to study at the University of Vienna for my Master degree, writing my thesis about the chemical evolution of massive early-type galaxies based on cosmological zoom-in simulations with Michaela Hirschmann (University of Copenhagen).


Tags: extragalactic astronomy, AtLAST
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