Fredagskollokvium: Galaxies and their gas at the peak epoch of star formation

Dawn Erb, University of Milwaukee

Because faint, low mass galaxies are numerous at high redshifts, their impact on the Universe is expected to be significant. They may host a substantial fraction of the Universe's star formation, provide many of the energetic photons needed to reionize the hydrogen gas surrounding galaxies, and affect their surroundings via powerful, starburst-driven galactic outflows of gas. I will discuss a variety of observations aimed at characterizing the physical conditions in low mass galaxies during the peak epoch of star formation, when the Universe was ~20% of its current age, with particular emphasis on the characterization of the gas surrounding galaxies.

Photo: Dawn Erb
Publisert 21. sep. 2018 16:25 - Sist endret 11. des. 2018 09:25