Fredagskollokvium: Golbal Component Separation Network

Ingunn Wehus, Researcher, ITA

The Global Component Separation Network is a Oslo-led collaboration between Caltech, CITA/Toronto, IUCAA, Kavli IPMU/Tokyo, KwaZulu-Natal, Oslo, Princeton and SAAO. The 3-year 4.5 Mkr INTPART funded project currently spans four continents and four state-of-the-art cosmological experiments.

I will give an introduction to cosmological component separation and why it is needed, before describing the Global Component Separation Network and what it will mean for us locally. I will also briefly explain how to apply for INTPART funding. Finally I will give an update on the four experiments making up the Global Component Separation Network: COMAP, LiteBIRD, PASIPHAE and SPIDER. 

Publisert 12. jan. 2018 15:02 - Sist endret 5. juni 2018 12:15