Fredagskollokvium:  Quest for primordial B-modes with future Cosmic Microwave Background satellite missions

Ranajoy Banerji, Postdoc ITA

One of the most crucial predictions of "Inflation" is the generation of primordial gravitational waves. Primordial CMB B-modes is currently the most promising way of seeing the imprint of these gravitational waves and vindicating Inflation. A new generation of CMB Polarisation space missions are in the offing and promise to constrain models of Inflation at an unprecedented level as well as offer a host of other Cosmological and Astrophysical information. We look at the design aspect of such a mission, it's science goals and the data challenges, that lie ahead, for a successful mission.

Publisert 15. des. 2017 22:54 - Sist endret 30. jan. 2018 19:03