Fredagskollokvium: Gravitational-Wave Signals in Extended Theories of Gravity

Alvaro de la Cruz Dombriz (UCT and SKA)

Alvaro de la Cruz Dombriz (UCT and SKA). Foto: Alvaro de la Cruz Dombriz

Once the Einsteinian paradigm is abandoned, the phenomenology of neutron stars changes

dramatically since neutron-star masses can be much larger than their General Relativity counterparts. Consequently, the total energy available for radiating gravitational waves could be of the order of several solar masses, and thus a merger of these stars constitutes a privileged wave source. This opens the door to a careful study of novel gravitational-wave signals as extracted from extended theories of gravity.

Publisert 14. sep. 2019 15:54 - Sist endret 14. sep. 2019 15:54