Tid og sted: 25. juni 2020 11:3012:00, https://uio.zoom.us/j/64444536406

Time-ordered modelling of Zodiacal Emission in BeyondPlanck

Tid og sted: 25. juni 2020 10:3011:00, https://uio.zoom.us/j/62516140310

Intensity Contrast as a Function of Underlying Magnetic Field Through the Solar Atmosphere

Tid og sted: 24. juni 2020 10:1510:45, https://uio.zoom.us/j/69706656092

Tracing the Interstellar Medium using extinction and polarisation

Tid og sted: 17. juni 2020 10:1510:45, https://uio.zoom.us/j/67997276988

Data selection for intensity mapping experiments using machine learning

Tid og sted: 2. juni 2020 11:3012:00, https://uio.zoom.us/j/63747107900

Charged Black Hole Mergers: Emissions, Orbital Evolution, Gravitational Waveform and Observer Bias