New paper: Lakes sampled by grandfather and grandson 50 years apart

A new study recently published in Ecosphere looks at the long term resilience in microcrustacean communities. 

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A new CBA paper offers a quite unique story. It deals with resampling of a large number of lakes with nearly 50 years interval, demonstrating a stability and resilience in zooplankton community structure despite a history of acidification, later warming and “browning”, and declines in calcium. The real uniqueness of the story is however that the first survey (in 1968) was conducted by the grandfather of first author Martin Eie who did the sampling in 2016 – accompanied by his grandfather to ensure identical sampling procedures in the two surveys. 

CBA leader Dag O. Hessen is a co-author on the paper, which can be read here:

Published Aug. 2, 2021 9:27 PM - Last modified Mar. 2, 2022 12:37 PM