Outreach of the centre

CBAs researchers love to engage in public outreach. They participate in public debates, create newspaper articles and write books. Here you will find links to CBA-related outreach projects. You should also check out our Twitter feed for the newest events and publications.


Cover of the many lives of carbon The Many Lives of Carbon. By Dag Hessen. 

In its pure form, carbon appears as the soft graphite of a pencil or as the sparkling diamond in a woman’s engagement ring. Underneath the surface, carbon is also the basic building block of the cells in our bodies and of all known life on earth. And at a molecular level, carbon bonds with oxygen to create carbon dioxide—a gas as vital to our life on this planet as it is detrimental at high levels in our atmosphere. As we face the climate change crisis, it’s now more important than ever to understand carbon and its life cycle. The Many Lives of Carbon is the story of this all-important chemical element, labeled C on our periodic tables. It’s the story of balance—between photosynthesis and cell respiration, between building and burning, between life and death.

This book is currently available both in English and in Norwegian (Karbon - en uautorisert biografi). 


Public events 

Presentation of the centre at the Science Library

In collaboration with the UiO Science Library, CBA had the "Klima, karbon og de store sammenhengene" (climate, carbon, and the big links) event at Blindern on the 30.4.2019. The dean Morten Dæhlen opened the happening and Dag O. Hessen, Frode Stordal and Rolf David Vogt introduced the scientific background, the structure, and the ambitions of the Centre for Biogeochemistry. In the following panel discussion Dag Olav Hessen, Karen O'Brien, Anne Hope Jahren and Sara Marie Blichner, together with the moderator Britt Lisa Skjellkvåle,  discussed the pressing question of how the centre can best contribute to tackling the climate crisis and what its challenges are.  Feel free to download Dag Hessen's, Rolf D. Vogt's, and Frode Stordal's presentation.

pictures from cbas science library event


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