Excursion and summer party

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Raknehaugen, photo: Wikipedia


Monday 8 June

10:00 departure from CEED in bus (1 hour)

The Gardermoen area (3 hours including the lunch break): visit to the Raknehaugen Viking burial site, Ljøgodttjern, and to the largest glacial delta in Norway with its distal ravine landscape

NOTE: bring your own lunch

14:00 - drive to Eidsvoll (where we have to be on later than 14:45)

Eidsvollsbygningen, guided tour at 15:00 (in Norwegian) and 15:15 (in English) and visit to The Democracy centre

16:30- drive to Hurdalsjøen hotel (30 min)

19:00 dinner, grill buffet at Hurdalsjøen hotell

Tuesday 9. June

10:00 bus departure (45 min)

10:45 - 11:15 stop at Granavollen

11:30 - 12:30 bus back to Blindern


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