CEES is established as a Centre of Excellence (CoE) by the Research Council of Norway (RCN). It is hosted by the Department of Biosciences under the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Oslo (UiO). RCN and UiO are the main financial contributors and constitute the final reporting entities that define the guidelines under which the centre operates.


The centre is run on a daily basis by the Chair, Professor Nils Chr. Stenseth, the Deputy Chair, Researcher Sissel Jentoft, and the CEES administrative team.

The Board and SAB

The CEES Board is an administrative body that meets approximately twice a year to focus on strategic and control functions as well as approving budgets, accounts and annual reports. The CEES Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) has been appointed by the CEES Board.

The Core

The CEES Core consists of faculty members that have committed to allocating their research time to the centre. The Core serve as an advisory group for the Chair.

The Lab Board

A CEES Lab Board has been appointed to administrate the running of the CEES laboratories, while Professor Atle Mysterud has been appointed to be in charge of running administration of fieldwork related resources.

Formal and front line support

The formal administrative support required for the students (from Bachelor to PhD level) is provided by the Department of Biosciences. The general IT support is also provided by the Department. Front line personnel support is handled by the CEES administration, and professional handling of personnel matters (contracts, payment routines etc.) is provided by the administration services at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

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