Scientific Advisory Board mandate

The Centre of Excellence, Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES), is established as a national Centre of Excellence and owned by the University of Oslo and hosted by the Department of Biology within the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

The centre is chaired by Professor Nils Christian Stenseth with Researcher Sissel Jentoft as deputy chair.

The centre will have a board that is established by the Department of Biology.

In addition, CEES will have a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), established by the board of the CEES.

The main task for SAB is to critically investigate the scientific performance of CEES (in relation to the research plan as outlined in the project proposal) and to advice on further development of CEES. SAB shall have a yearly meeting (prior to the annual reporting to the Norwegian Research Council (RCN)) where CEES should report on progress and plans. Between meetings the centre chair is encouraged to be in dialog with the SAB on important decisions relating to the scientific performance of CEES. Due to the broad spectrum of disciplines covered by CEES, SAB must be composed of experts collectively covering the work carried out within CEES.

The Scientific Advisory Board shall advice the centre in connection with the midway evaluation process undertaken by the RCN (completed in 2011).

Members of the Scientific Advisory Board.

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