Catharina Broch

Academic interests

I achieved a M.Sc. in biology from UiO (AQUA) in December 2015 and joined CEES in February 2016 as a PhD research fellow on the ECOVAR project (Managing ecosystems in an increasingly variable world) lead by Yngvild Vindenes.

My strongest scientific interests are in aquatic community dynamics and in the interplays between biotic as well as abiotic factors that give rise to ecological and evolutionary processes. For my master project, I studied predator-prey dynamics using a combined approach of laboratory experiments and mathematical modelling of a rotifer-algal microcosm. And now for the PhD project, I have continued with an integrated approach of experimental work, using the zooplankter Daphnia, and demographic population modelling to investigate how temperature variability affects biological systems.


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  • Vindenes, Yngvild; Broch, Catharina & Heuschele, Jan David (2018). Når oppveksten styres av temperatur - bidrag til Forskningstorget 2018.
  • Vindenes, Yngvild; Broch, Catharina; Lawson, Callum & Van de Pol, Martijn (2017). Eco-evolutionary responses to changing climate variability.
  • Broch, Catharina (2016). The ecological effects of temperature variability.

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