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Academic interests

I joined CEES in October 2015 as PhD student to work in MedPlag “The medieval plagues: ecology, transmission modalities and routes of the infections” and COMPI “comparative infection biology” projects. I will study ancient DNA of Yersinia pestis coming from human skeletal remains sampled in maritime regions spanning from Mediterranean to northern Europe. My research will indeed focus mainly on the role of harbours during the II plague pandemic and on the importance of trade routes and human movements in the spreading of plague during medieval time.

I previously graduated in University of Bologna, working in the Laboratories of Ancient DNA and Physical Anthropology (Ravenna Campus) and specialized in bioinformatic analysis of data in MNHN of Paris.


  • Graffi, Giulia (2015). Archaeogenetics of medieval plague: The role of the harbors in the 2nd pandemic.

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