Casper van Leeuwen

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Phone +47-22858479
Room 3417
Visiting address Kristine Bonnevies hus Blindernveien 31 0371 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1066 Blindern 0316 OSLO

Academic Interests

I am working with Asbjørn Vøllestad on the connectivity of fish populations in Norwegian river systems, in a collaborative project with Jon Museth from the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA). We use telemetry and population genetic analyses on Brown trout and European grayling population to determine how damming for hydropower influences natural fish populations.

As a movement ecologist I am interested in dispersal and migration of both plants and animals. Freshwater ponds, lakes and rivers are particularly interesting study systems in which to investigate dispersal, as movement of aquatic species is often linear (river systems) or restricted by land (ponds and lakes). I study how organisms spread through such challenging landscapes, how they can colonize or invade new areas, and how this affects (meta-)populations. My research focuses on how movement, and notably restriction of movement, affects individual life history strategies, population structures, and whole communities; on both ecological and evolutionary time scales.

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Van Leeuwen, C.H.A., J. Museth, O.T. Sandlund, T. Qvenild and L.A. Vøllestad. (2016) Mismatch between fishway operation and timing of fish movements: a risk for cascading effects in partial migration systems 
Ecology and Evolution 6(8):2414-2425 link

Van Leeuwen, C.H.A., R. Beukeboom, B.A. Nolet, E.S. Bakker and B.J.A. Pollux (2015) Locomotion during digestion changes current estimates of seed dispersal kernels by fish
Functional Ecology 30:215-225 link

Kleyheeg, E. and Van Leeuwen, C.H.A. (2015) Regurgitation by waterfowl: an overlooked mechanism for long-distance dispersal of wetland plant seeds
Aquatic Botany 127:1-5 link

Garcia-Álvarez, A., C.H.A. van Leeuwen, C.J. Luque, A. Hussner, A. Vélez-Martin, A. Pérez-Vázquez, A.J. Green, E.M. Castellanos (2015) Internal transport of alien and native plants by geese and ducks - an experimental study
Freshwater Biology 60(7): 1316-1329 link

Kleyheeg, E., C.H.A. van Leeuwen, M.A. Morison, B.A. Nolet and M.B. Soons (2015). Bird-mediated seed dispersal: reduced digestive efficiency in active birds modulates dispersal capacity of plant seeds
Oikos 124(7): 899-907 link

Van Leeuwen, C.H.A., J.M. Sarneel, J. van Paassen, W. Rip, E.S. Bakker (2014). Hydrology, shore morphology and species traits affect seed dispersal, germination and community assembly in shoreline plant communities 
Journal of Ecology 102: 998-1007 link

Van Leeuwen, C.H.A., N. Huig, G. van der Velde, T.A. van Alen, C.A.M Wagemaker, C.D.H. Sherman, M. Klaassen and J. Figuerola (2013) How did this snail get here? Several dispersal vectors inferred for an aquatic invasive species
Freshwater Biology 58(1):88-99 pdf
Van Leeuwen, C.H.A., G. van der Velde, J.M. van Groenendael and M. Klaassen (2012)
Gut travellers: internal dispersal of aquatic organisms by waterfowl
Journal of Biogeography 39: 2031-2040 pdf
Van Leeuwen, C.H.A. and G. van der Velde (2012)
Prerequisites for flying snails: external transport potential of aquatic snails by waterbirds
Freshwater Science 31(3): 963-972 pdf
Van Leeuwen, C. H. A., M. Tollenaar, and M. Klaassen (2012)
Vector activity and propagule size affect dispersal potential by vertebrates.
Oecologia 170(1): 101-109 pdf
Van Leeuwen, C. H. A., G. Van der Velde, B. Van Lith, and M. Klaassen (2012)
Experimental quantification of long distance dispersal potential of aquatic snails in the gut of migratory birds.
PLoS One 7:e32292 pdf
Dietz M.W., Spaans B., Dekinga A., Klaassen M., Korthals H., van Leeuwen C. H. A. and T. Piersma (2010)
Do red knots (Calidris canutus islandica) routinely skip Iceland during southward migration?
Condor 112(1): 48-55 pdf
Klaassen, R. H. G., Nolet, B. A., Van Leeuwen, C. H. A. (2007)
Prior knowledge about spatial pattern affects patch assessment rather than movement between patches in tactile-feeding mallard.
Journal of Animal Ecology 76(1): 20-29 pdf

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