Per Erik Jorde


My research interests focus broadly on application of molecular genetic techniques to characterize biological populations. I have done population genetic research on organisms as diverse as plants and mammals (from lemmings to whales), but most research attentions have been devoted to fishes. Main research questions focus on:

spatial genetic differentiation patterns and population identification, and

temporal genetic change and estimation of effective population size.

Some examples include the following: To what extent are species structured into more or less distinct breeding units or populations? How large, geographically are these populations? Are they isolated from each other? How temporary stable are local populations? Do they maintain themselves over evolutionary time scales or are local extinction and recolonization frequent? What are the genetically effective sizes of local populations? Are they dependent on interaction (gene flow) with conspecifics for maintaining genetic variability and avoiding inbreeding? These and similar questions are addressed partly by empirical investigations of spatio-temporal genetic differentiation patterns, using protein polymorphisms, microsatellites or DNA sequencing, and partly by theoretical modeling and computer simulations.

Scientific pledge

I have read and promise to adhere to the NENT.

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