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Research interests: Landscape ecology, scaling issues, seabird biology, bird ecology
As a PhD student at CEES, I will study long-term time series obtained from the systematic ringing of migratory birds at bird observatories in Norway and other countries, with the aim of finding and discerning effects and pathways of climate variability and global climate change on migratory species.
My previous work has focused on applying concepts from landscape ecology and techniques for space-scale decomposition of transect data to the study of patchiness in the at-sea distribution of seabirds and aquatic birds. I also have three years of teaching experience, mainly as a science teacher (full-time and part-time) in upper secondary schools.

Tags: Bird migration, Birds, Life history strategies, Ornithology, Population ecology, climate change ecology, Ecological statistics, Statistical modelling, Phenology, Time series analysis, Landscape ecology, MCMC, Spatial distribution modelling, Community ecology, Programming, Animal migration


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  • Knudsen, Endre (2011). Inferring change in bird migration phenology from noisy time series data.
  • Knudsen, Endre (2011). Time-series modelling of the dynamics of changing bird migration phenologies.
  • Knudsen, Endre (2011). Understanding and fitting finite-mixture models. Show summary
  • Knudsen, Endre (2010). Finite-mixture modelling for assessing changes in bird migration phenology.

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