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Academic Interests

My main research interest lies in the impact of climate change and human activities on the aquatic environment and ecology. I received my MSc from Chinese Academy of Sciences where I studied the eutrophication and carbon cycling in the lakes and reservoirs along middle and lower reach of the Yangtze River, China. I received my PhD from University College London, UK. For my PhD I studied the spatio-temporal change of diatoms and the history of organic carbon in upland Scottish lakes through a Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Scholarship (DHPA), Research Councils UK. Before joining CEES, I was working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of Southampton, UK for a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation project Aquatest. I researched the microbial water quality in developing countries, particularly in South Africa and China.

Here at CEES, University of Oslo I am working on the project BiWA with Professor Dag Hessen, Professor Tom Andersen and other colleagues. I am researching the impact of climate change on the Scandinavian lakes with collaborations of NINA (Norwegian Institute for Nature Research) NIVA (Norwegian Institute for Water Research) and University of Umeå, Sweden.


See the list of my publications, go to Google Scholar or Web of Sciences ResearcherID or ResearchGate 

I can be contacted by email at hongyanghy@gmail.com or hong.yang@ibv.uio.no


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