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Research topics:

Population and community dynamics: The dynamics of structured populations with respect to intra- and interspecific interactions such as predation, cannibalism, competition, and the effect of abiotic environmental factors, specifically temperature.

Life-history traits: Selective pressures shaping life-history evolution, for instance the evolutionary response of populations to increased mortality rates caused by exploitation or pathogens.

Ecological diversification: Ecological factors facilitating evolutionary divergence and the traits involved in adaptive diversification, particularly metabolic adaptation along environmental temperature gradients.

Metabolic scaling: Effects of temperature on the scaling of metabolic rate with body mass, and how fish species differ in metabolic scaling exponents.

Swimming energetics: The energetics of fish swimming, especially the effects of temperature, body size and morphology on standard and active metabolic rates.

Research projects: 

Assessment of the effects of oil exposure on the population dynamics and abundances of Atlantic cod and haddock using state-space models (current)

Modelling ecosystems under climate change: Windermere as a model lake system (completed)


Applying a new demographic framework to understand and project consequences of climate change in size- and age-structured populations (starting 2013)

Risk, endogenous preferences, and investment behavior in Norwegian fisheries (starting 2013)


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Tags: Animal physiology, Evolutionary ecology, Food web dynamics, Life-history evolution, Local adaptation, Thermal physiology, Ecophysiology, Fish, Population dynamics, Predator-prey interactions
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