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Academic interests

Having started at CEES in its infancy many years ago, I proceeded to get some research experience and a PhD in the fine land of Finland under Hanna Kokko’s supervision. There I adopted the fine arts of matlab-geeking, theoretical model construction and general scepticism to all things possible. After graduating in Helsinki (or actually just before) I was employed by Norwegian Institute for Water Research, where I spent the last three-four years diving deep into the Bayesian world of model calibration and parameter estimation! Finally I could use models to make predictions that could actually be held up against measurements, as opposed to just playing around with mathematical assumptions with a slight twist of biological realism to see where they would take me. Here at CEES I’ll be trying hard to apply my profound wisdom of both the evolutionary and the methodological under the auspices of Lee Hsiang Liow, who will surely guide me far into the fossil jungle.

Check out my website for more info.

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