Mark Grabowski

Guest researcher

Academic interests

I started December 2014 as a Fulbright Scholar and visiting researcher working with Thomas Hansen on a number of projects including investigating the causes of primate brain size variation, the evolution of allometry, and primate teeth macroevolution.
My research focuses on applying the theories and methods of evolutionary quantitative genetics to hominin and primate evolution, with the aim of understanding the evolutionary processes that correspond to the patterns seen in the fossil record. I have applied these concepts exploring the evolution of bipedalism and the constraints on birth in modern humans and likely earlier hominins. I am leading up projects providing new estimates of hominin body sizes and exploring the evolutionary dynamics of human hip and hominin brain-body size evolution. 
Along with evolutionary morphology, my focus is on quantitative methods and I have received advanced training in univariate and multivariate statistics such as mixed-modeling, evolutionary and mathematical modeling and simulations, non-parametric statistics, and regression analysis, and am fluent in the R statistical programming language.

Tags: Evolutionary Biology, Human Evolution, Paleoanthropology, Quantitive Genetics, Brain and Body Size Evolution and Pelvic Evolution, Statistical Methods


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  • Grabowski, Mark Walter (2016). Birth since the LCA: Reconstructing the twisted evolution of human parturition.

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