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Natural science cannot be divided into conventional branches of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and so on. One can observe this in nature as well. Even a simple process of ice melting into water and then turning into vapor attracts researchers from various disciplines of science. So, I believe, in order to investigate any natural phenomenon one must be prepared for a cross-disciplinary investigation.

My research field has been quite multi-disciplinary with primary focus towards physics of complex media and emergent behavior. During my PhD research at the University of Oslo (UiO), 2012-16, I had used the mathematical framework of Fractional (non-Newtonian) Calculus to model constitutive stress-strain and wave-dispersive properties of complex media which are often viscoelastic, non-Newtonian, and multiphasic. I have also briefly worked on nonlinear bubble dynamics.

I have joined CEES as a researcher from August 2018 to work with Prof. Nils Christian Stenseth (UiO) as the PI. The project aims to bridge the gap between micro- and macro-evolutionary theories and explore any emergent macro behavior manifesting itself from microevolutionary and ecological processes. At CEES, I am involved with the mathematical modelling aspect of the project goals. The mathematical models form the foundation of modern ecological theory as they are not only useful in generating immediately testable quantitative predictions, but they also serve as a tool to elaborate empirically-derived biological patterns. However, these models must also provide proof-of-concept, as they are necessary to test the validity of verbal chains of logic by laying out the specific assumptions mathematically. The accuracy of the mathematical expressions is critical, but once they are established, the resulting mathematical analysis could reduce the possibility of logical error in the understanding of evolutionary processes which are inherently complex.

In addition to the research, teaching has been an important part of my academic training. My teaching philosophy stems from the Latin principle of: Docendo discimusthe best way to learn is to teach. I have worked enthusiastically and effectively with undergraduate and postgraduate students in the past.

I try promoting public outreach of the scientific discoveries that is essential to cultivate an engaging and healthier socio-scientific participation.

Further, when I am not doing science, either I could be found hiking and trekking in the wild, or, taking a stroll alongside lakes and rivers. Since I was born and brought up in India, I have a natural inclination for playing cricket and riding motorcycles.

Tags: Mathematical modelling, Mathematical ecology, Fractional calculus, Nonlinear dynamics, Scientific computing, Acoustics, Fluid dynamics, Viscoelasticity, Non-Newtonian rheology


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  • Holm, Sverre & Pandey, Vikash (2016). Wave propagation in marine sediments expressed by fractional wave and diffusion equations.

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  • Drivers of evolutionary change: understanding stasis and non-stasis through integration of micro- and macroevolution