Sparrow group

Speciation studies on Passer sparrows. 

Italian sparrow (photo: Ivan Ivanov)

Our group shares a common interest in evolutionary biology with a special focus on the role of hybridization in evolution. Topics of interest include hybrid speciation, reinforcement, sexual selection and phylogeography. We do mostly empirical studies on birds, and currently our work is largely focused on the Italian sparrow (Passer italiae), which we have recently shown to be a hybrid species between the house sparrow (P. domesticus) and the Spanish sparrow (P. hispaniolensis).


  • 1+1=3 - HYBRID SPECIATION IN SPARROWS June 18, 2012

    In two recent papers by our group, published in Molecular Ecology, the Italian sparrow is shown to be a hybrid species formed by interbreeding between the house sparrow and Spanish sparrow.

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