Participants in Sparrow group

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Glenn-Peter Sætre Professor +47-22857291 Evolutionary ecology, Evolution, Adaptation, Genetics, Phylogeography, Genomics, Reproductive isolation, Biogeography, Evolutionary genomics, Population genetics, Fungal evolution, Communication, Molecular ecology, Speciation, Molecular evolution, Evolutionary biology, Ecology, Biology, Birds, Ornithology, Sexual selection, Mate choice, Sex chromosomes, Fish, Life science, Behaviour, DNA sequence analysis, Norwegian centres of excellence, Phenology, Life history strategies, Hybridization
Richard Ian Bailey
Jo Skeie Hermansen Researcher +47-22854227 +47 482 00 409 (mob) Evolution, Speciation, Hybridization, Disease Ecology, Macroevolution
Anna Runemark Researcher Island biogeography, Evolutionary genomics
Tore Oldeide Elgvin Communication Advisor and Web Editor +47 22 84 11 40 +47 480 06 056 (mob)
Cassandra Nicole Trier
Laura Pineiro Fernandez
Lena Kristin Bache-Mathiesen
Diana Carneiro
Fabrice Eroukhmanoff Researcher +47-22859015 Divergence: neutral and adaptive, Genetic constraints, Local adaptation, Parallel evolution, Phenotypic integration, Reproductive isolation, Adaptation, Hybridization, Quantitative genetics, Speciation
Angelica Maria Cuevas Pulido Research Assistant
Caroline Øien Guldvog Doctoral Research Fellow
Melissah Rowe +47-22851721 Behavioural ecology, USA, Evolution, Germany, Japan, Sexual selection, Australia
Bernt Christian Helén