Nature Genetics highlights CEES research: "How the codfish changed its immune system"

A publication by Malmstrøm & Matschiner et al. and other publications from CEES attracts international attention in a Nature Genetics News and Views article by Peter Parham

Nature Genetics, October 2016 Volume 48 No 10

The publication Evolution of the immune system influences speciation rates in teleost fishes by Malmstrøm & Michael Matschiner et al.§ was first published online 22 August 2016, and now appears in the printed edition of Nature Genetics.

Referencing this and other CEES publications (Star et al. 2011, Star & Jentoft 2012, Malmstrøm et al. 2013, and Solbakken et al. 2016) Peter Parham has written the article "How the codfish changed its immune system" in the News and Views section of Nature Genetics.

§Full author list: Martin Malmstrøm*1, Michael Matschiner*1, Ole K. Tørresen*, Bastiaan Star*, Lars G. Snipen, Thomas F. Hansen*, Helle T Baalsrud*, Alexander J. Nederbragt*, Reinhold Hanel, Walter Salzburger*, Nils C Stenseth*, Kjetill S. Jakobsen*, and Sissel Jentoft.

1These authors contributed equally to this work

*Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES). See the publication for full author information: Nature Genetics 48, 1204–1210 (2016), doi:10.1038/ng.3645.

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