There will be a choice of four excursions for Thursday afternoon (14:00 to 18:00). Note that some of the excursions have limited space and you need to register for the excursions when paying for the conference.






The hike goes up Krokkeiva (1.3km) from Sundvollen at elevation 70m to the woods west of Oslo at elevation 300-500m.

Krokkeiva is a protected stretch of the old road between Oslo and Bergen. We pass Kleivstua, an old Inn, at the entrance to the uninhabited woods, and heads for Kongens utsikt (The kings view) at elevation 480m, some 1.7km to the south. The view over the lakes Tyrifjorden and Steinsfjorden and towards the mountains is spectacular. We hope for a clear day! There are tracks into the woods with its lakes. You can hike as far as you want. Jogging shoes should be ok. Bring a towel and a swimsuit for a dip. Instead of lunch at the hotel we will take away lunch packs. No cost for those who walk up Krokkleiva. It is possible get up the hill by taxi.

Boat trip


The boat anchors close to the hotel. It is an old wooden boat for excursions, taking at most 70 guests. It will make a guided tour of Lake Steinsfjorden and its inflowing meandering river Storelva, which is in a nature reserve. To the west we will have rich (by Norwegian standards) and traditional farmland, while the steep hill to the east is all forest. Steinsfjorden is part of lake Tyrifjorden, which we also might visit.  Instead of lunch at the hotel we will bring bagged lunch to eat onboard.

Price kr. 220,-

Hadeland Glassverk


Traditional and modern glassware is made in the glass hut located in rural surroundings some 20 minutes drive to the north from the hotel. There is a merchandise shop, and there will be a tour of the glass hut (provided sufficient number of participants).  Instead of lunch at the hotel we will bring lunch packs.

Price kr. 250,-.

Hadeland glassverk


The northern parts of lake Tyrifjorden, with its two river deltas, is among the best inland areas for birdwatching in South-Eastern Norway, particularly during migration periods. In beginning of July migration of some waders and ducks is just getting started. On this excursion we travel by car to some of the best sites around the Northern Tyrifjorden area, to investigate the local breeding avifauna and whether we can find any signs of early autumn migration. No special equipment is required, but if you own binoculars we recommend bringing them with you. A telescope will be available. Limited number of available places.

In case of sufficient interest, we can organize an additional night excursion, where we listen for singing/calling night active birds. With a little luck, fledged young owls (mainly tawny and long-eared owls) might be heard begging for food. More information about this will be given later.

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