Getting to and from Finse


Finse Alpine Research Centre is located approximately 2 km east of the of Finse railway station on the renowned Oslo-Bergen line, about 1200 meters above sea level on the north-western corner of the Hardangervidda mountain plateau (see map on the right). There are no roads to Finse, so the station can only be accessed by train.

From Oslo/Bergen to Finse

Travel time by train from Oslo is about 4.5 hours, and about 2.5 hours from Bergen. Plan your trip and buy train tickets on the Norwegian State Railway website. Note that you can save money by booking 'minipris' tickets in advance (the price difference when travelling from Oslo is substantial) - they also give student discounts.

From Finse railway station to the field station

It is a less than 2km hike along the old construction road (Rallarveien) to the field station (see map). Note that the road will probably be partly covered by snow at this time of the year and appropriate footwear is needed. Pack your belongings in a back-pack - suitcases are not suitable. Come prepared for bad weather. We will try to have someone at the train station at the most likely arrival times who will guide you to the field station. If you need assistance, please call the workshop organizers at (+47) 92602138.

From Finse to the conference venue

Travel by train from Finse to Hønefoss (about 3 hours) and take the TIMEekspressen bus to Sundvollen (see the time table for Linje 4).Those paticpating in the workshop on "Hierachical modelling and R-package 'unmarked'" will travel from Hønefoss to Sunvollen in a hired coach when the morning (10:19 departure) train arrives from Finse (price included in the registration fee).


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