Plenary speakers and topics

Plenary speakers:

  • Nils Chr. Stenseth, University of Oslo: Opening remarks
  • Steinar Engen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology: Stochastic age-structured modelling; dynamics, genetics and estimation. Abstract
  • Rachel Fewster, University of Auckland: Genetics in statistical ecology. Abstract
  • Joanna Mills Flemming, Dalhousie University: The Ocean Tracking Network: visualization tools and novel analyses for acoustic tracking data. Abstract
  • Otso Ovaskainen, University of Helsinki: The analysis of spatial data: individual movements and species and community models. Abstract
  • Andr√© Punt, University of Washington: Estimating precautionary thresholds for US west coast fisheries. Abstract
  • Andy Royle, Patuxent Wildlife Research Centre: Incorporating auxiliary spatial information in capture-recapture models. Abstract
  • Len Thomas, University of St. Andrews: The future of statistical ecology. Abstract
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