Venue information

'Kongens utsikt' - 'King's View' in the vicinity of Sundvolden Hotel

The conference will take place at Sundvolden Hotel, situated near Oslo and Gardermoen Airport. With forest and lakes nearby, it is a good base from which to sample some of Norway's impressive nature and leisure activities. The hotel offers free parking, a fitness centre, a swimming pool, spa and a golf course. Bikes and kayaks are available for hire from the hotel. For those interested in art and glass design, we can recommend a visit to Hadeland Glassverk. (See here for a list of prices.) There will be time for an organized excursion during the conference.


Finse Alpine Research Centre

Two of the pre-conference workshops will take place at Finse Alpine Research Centre in the Hardangervidda mountain plateau in southern central Norway (the remaining two take place at Sundvolden Hotel). The centre belongs to the faculties of mathematics and natural sciences at the universities of Bergen and Oslo. It is only accessible by train (4.5 hours from Oslo and 2.5 hours from Bergen) or foot/bike.

See Getting to Sundvolden for transport information to the conference venue.

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