Nonlinear Spatio-temporal Analysis and Ecology - Recent Advances and Challenges

Friday seminar by Kung-Sik Chan.


From the very beginning, the development of nonlinear time series analysis has been stimulated by the needs for understanding interesting nonlinear features in ecological data, e.g. the famous lynx series and the blowfly data. However, spatio-temporal data are increasingly collected in ecology, e.g. in marine science. In this talk, I shall present a selective review of recent advances in nonlinear spatio-temporal analysis brought about by the needs for unraveling ecological dynamics with spatio-temporal data. In particular, I shall review some recent advances and future challanges in the threshold model and its variants, e.g. Threshold GAM, which play an important role in linking and verifying ecological theories with spatio-temporal data such as abundance data.

Kung-Sik Chan
Univ of Iowa

Published Feb. 6, 2012 12:46 PM