Friday seminar: Arctic marine mammals in a post-Arctic world

By Eline Lorenzen from University of Copenhagen, Denmark.


The Arctic is one of Earth’s most fragile ecosystems, and the scale of change taking place in the Arctic marine environment due to rises in temperature and loss of sea ice cover is overwhelming. This talk will present ongoing work on Arctic marine mammals; we use a combination of population genomics, ancient DNA, stable isotope analysis, and ecological modeling to investigate current patterns of diversity and structuring within species, and to document how climate change has impacted populations in the past. Ultimately, our aim is to provide the empirical foundation for anticipating the vulnerability and resilience of Arctic marine mammal species to near-future projections of accelerated climate change.


Eline Lorenzen.

Visit the Lorenzen Group webpage at GLOBE Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Opportunity to talk to the speaker

After the seminar, there will be opportunity to talk to the speaker personally. Should you wish to use this opportunity, let us know beforehand so that we can notify the speaker. (Contact Bastiaan Star).

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