Friday seminar: Linear Thinking with Branching Evidence: Tales from the History of Narrative Phylogenetics

By Ronald Jenner from the Natural History Museum, London, UK


Phylogenetics emerged as a storytelling discipline in the second half of the nineteenth century. A central tension at the heart of phylogenetic thinking is that the linear descent of taxa can only be inferred with the branching evidence of collateral relatives. In this talk I will select several stories from the history of phylogenetics to illustrate this enduring tension, and to show that a failure to appreciate it can lead to conceptual flaws that continue to mar the thinking of contemporary biologists, paleontologists, as well as science educators.


Ronald Jenner
The Natural History Museum, London, UK
Ronald Jenner's proflie page at Natural History Museum, London.

Zoom link

Jenner is visiting us here at IBV/CEES and this seminar will take place in person in Kristine Bonnevies Seminar Room 3508. In addition we will provide a ZOOM link for those who cannot attend in physically. The zoom link has been shared through the CEES seminar mailing list. UiO. Contact us if you would like to be forwarded the invitation e-mail or to subscribe to the list. (Contact UiO users can access the Zoom meeting details at this page.

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